38 Binge-Worthy TV Series for Learning French

If you’re learning French, you can make it more enjoyable by watching these 38 TV series?

Learning French doesn’t have to be boring. Luckily, there are ways to simplify and make it more enjoyable. Watching French TV series is one method to enhance your language skills and get a head start on your practice.

There are obvious uses for learning French by using television shows.

Watching TV series in your target language is the perfect solution if you want to advance on your language-learning voyage. They are an easy and fun way to remember new vocabulary and require little to no hard work.

It is more engaging for audiences because it is more entertaining than reading a book or attending a lecture. A simple approach to improve your listening skills is to hear native speakers speaking in daily situations.

Finding suitable films and TV shows from the Francophone world for learning can take time and effort. 

Don’t worry; I’ve done all the research and saved you the trouble. Here is a compilation of the 38 best French learning TV series.

But before we continue, there’s something we need to address.

How does watching TV series help in learning French?

There are many benefits of TV series for language learning.

Compared to conventional methods, French TV shows are more enjoyable and engaging. You’ll have a better time if the theme, story, soundtrack, location, or star cast appeals to you.

When an activity doesn’t feel tedious, you’re more likely to stay focused and give it your full attention.

Television shows come with subtitles. This means that reading a word or phrase in your mother tongue or English and then hearing it in French will help you comprehend it better.

The audio is the icing on the cake. When characters speak in their own voices, it helps them recall and memorize their words. This technique is called shadowing.

Authentic language enables you to tune your ear to French. The talks have many unfamiliar terms and sentences. Still, they are convenient because of the context, recall, and accessibility they equip.

The dialogues are set in natural settings and cover many practical phrases. It can sweeten your pronunciation and accents.

There is also a strong connection between culture and language. French TV shows offer insights into French-speaking customs, festivals, and culture.

If you want to immerse yourself in French, watching French TV series is the best way. It can also increase career options in French-related fields.

Whatever your reasons for learning this beautiful tongue, you will enhance your French skills.

Paying more attention to this is crucial for French language lovers. You will realize what you’re missing once you consume French media.

Imagine a French institute that promises to teach you the language in 24 months. French TV series can help you reduce the time frame to 18 months.

French language TV show

Can TV shows alone help you learn French?

Viewing TV series in French can be a worthwhile tool for learning the language. But, it may not be enough to master it.

TV series can provide lessons on grammar, sentence structure, informal conversation, everyday slang, and colloquial. You can expose yourself to various accents and dialects by watching them from different regions. 

Yet, combining TV series-watching with other learning techniques can give you the best and most beneficial results.

For instance, take offline or online courses, listen to podcasts, speak with natives, read books, and practice some of the best French language apps.

This way, you can enhance your understanding of the language and culture. As a result, your French skills will improve vastly.

Where to enjoy TV shows for French learners?

Multiple websites and online streaming services (OTT) provide access to a wide range of content. This includes films, TV series, documentaries, music, and videos.

Platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney, Hulu, and many more offer a paid subscription service to access these flicks and shows.

There are also free platforms like YouTube, Viu, and Vimeo that have similar content but with limited choices.

You can learn French by watching movies and TV series from the comfort of your own home. Finding something for everyone is easier than ever with the internet and OTT platforms.

38 must-watch television series for French Learners

Watching French TV series is a fun and practical approach to improving your language abilities. It perfectly balances fun and education, making it both enjoyable and rewarding.

If you want to enhance your language skills, these 38 French television series are perfect.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, there is something for everyone to enrich their French knack.

Let’s get started with this fantastic list!

1. Les Aventures de Tintin (The Adventures of Tintin)

  • Genre — Animated, Action, Adventure
  • 39 Episodes in 3 Seasons
  • Years — 1991 and 1992
  • Language Difficulty — Beginner to Intermediate
TV series for learning French

This beloved series of comic albums was created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. It follows the adventures of Tintin, a junior reporter, and his faithful dog Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus. There are some other memorable characters.

Tintin travels worldwide, solving mysteries, uncovering secrets, and encountering various cultures.

“The Adventures of Tintin” started as a comic series. There have been many adaptations, like an animated TV series. There is also a 2011 movie by Steven Spielberg titled “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.”

For French Learners

The animated series or the 2011 film adaptation in French offers a fun way for learners. The language is simple and suits learners at different levels. It covers various vocabulary associated with different backgrounds and cultures.

Whether you’re a fan of comics, animation, or adventure stories, “The Adventures of Tintin” offers an entertaining way to engage with the French language and culture.

2. Un village français (A French Village)

  • Genre — Animated, Action, Adventure
  • 84 Episodes in 8 Seasons
  • Years — 2009-2017
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

This is a French television series aired from 2009 to 2017. Created by Frédéric Krivine, Philippe Triboit, and Emmanuel Daucé, this is a historical drama set during the German invasion of France in World War II.

Un Village Français show explores the lives of the residents of a fictional village called Villeneuve. It is known for its attention to historical accuracy and the challenges ordinary people face during wartime.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

For French Learners

The dialogue reflects the language spoken during the period, including idiomatic expressions and formal speech. The series uncovers various accents and vocabulary used in different social contexts.

3. Fais pas ci, Fais pas ça (Don’t do this, don’t do that)

  • Genre — Comedy, Family
  • 68 Episodes in 9 Seasons
  • Years — 2007-2017
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

This is another French TV series that initially aired from 2007 to 2017. Anne Giafferi and Thierry Bizot created this comedy-drama show.

This show revolves around two neighboring families, the Bouleys and the Lepics. The series humorously explores the challenges and dynamics of modern family life.

For French Learners

“Fais pas ci, Fais pas ça” is a lighthearted and amusing series combining humor and social commentary.

If you enjoy family comedies and studying French in a fun and relatable context, this series could be a great addition to your language-learning journey. You gain knowledge of French family changes and daily life.

4. Un gars, Une fille (A Guy, A Girl)

  • Genre — Comedy, Romance, Family
  • 439 Episodes in 5 Seasons
  • Years — 1999–2013
  • Language Difficulty — Advanced

“Un gars, Une fille” was a well-known French-Canadian TV show from 1997 to 2003. Guy A. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard’s on-screen chemistry is the key to the show’s success.

The series is a sitcom that hilariously depicts a couple’s daily lives and dealings in various domestic situations. The show explores the dynamics of a romantic relationship. It highlights the comedic aspects of love and daily life.

For French Learners

The series offers insights into daily life and cultural references in French-speaking Canada, making it a cultural learning experience. If you aim for an easy, entertaining way to practice the language, watch this one to take your French language to the next level.

5. Les Revenants (The Returned)

  • Genre — Drama, Fantasy, Horror
  • 16 Episodes in 2 Seasons
  • Years — 2012–2015
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate
TV series to learn French

From 2012 to 2015, the French television series “Les Revenants” charmed audiences with its supernatural drama storyline. Created by Fabrice Gobert, the series is known internationally as “The Returned.”

This series is set in a small town. It spins around multiple individuals who mysteriously return to life. They have no memory of their previous deaths.

For French Learners

You can learn many phrases and expressions through the dialogues. The series offers an awareness of diverse conversational French. It introduces terminology related to the supernatural. This is engaging for students thinking to expand their language aptitudes.

6. Engrenages (Spiral)

  • Genre — Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • 86 Episodes in 6 Seasons
  • Years — 2005-2020
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate to Advanced

“Engrenages,” known as “Spiral” in English, is a French TV police working and legal drama series. It has been widely praised for its gritty portrayal of the French criminal justice system.

The show debuted in 2005 and has become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed French TV series. Created by Alexandra Clert and Guy-Patrick Sainderichin, it offers a realistic and often intense account of Paris’s crime, investigations, and legal proceedings.

For French Learners

The series provides insights into the French criminal justice system’s social issues and viewpoints on law and order.

You get many terms of law enforcement, legal system, and criminal justice. Note these words and expressions for these contexts. You can also learn the different accents and dialects of French.

7. Braquo

  • Genre — Crime, Thriller
  • 32 Episodes in 4 Seasons
  • Years — 2009-2016
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate to Advanced

This is a French crime drama television series that premiered in 2009. “Braquo” is derived from the slang term “Braquage.” This means armed robbery.

Created by Olivier Marchal, a former police officer turned filmmaker. The show is known for its gritty and realistic description of the Parisian police force and the members face the challenges. It often uses violence and power to get the job done.

For French Learners

Braquo offers insights into law enforcement’s hardships in a current French context. You can learn more about French societal issues and perspectives.

This TV series for French learners is for those interested in crime dramas and police procedurals. It gives a rich linguistic and cultural experience for learners.

8. Plus belle la vie (More beautiful life)

  • Genre — Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • 4244 Episodes in 19 Seasons
  • Years — 2004–2022
  • Language Difficulty — Beginner to Intermediate

“Plus belle la vie” is a prominent French TV soap opera circulating since 2004. It is one of France’s longest-running and most popular soap operas, created by Magaly Richard-Serrano.

The series is set in the fictional neighborhood of “Le Mistral” in Marseille, France. It follows the lives, relationships, and daily dramas of the diverse characters living there.

The characters and storylines reflect the city’s cultural richness and diversity.

For French Learners

The series offers a real-life context for French learners to enhance their language skills. The series is useful for everyday situations. It allows you to study words in daily life, relationships, and social exchanges.

9. Kaamelott (TV Series 2004–2009)

  • Genre — Adventure, Comedy, Short
  • 469 Episodes in 6 Seasons
  • Years — 2004–2009
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate to Advanced
TV shows to learn French

“Kaamelott” is a French television series created and directed by Alexandre Astier. It was originally aired from 2005 to 2009.

The show is a funny take on the Arthurian legend. It blended comedy, fantasy, and historical fiction. It’s known for witty dialogue, absurd humor, and distinctive characters.

The series is set in the imaginary realm of Camelot and follows the reign of King Arthur.

For French Learners

While comedic, it delivers insights into French culture and humor. It refers to historical and cultural elements that can widen your understanding.

You can repeat lines of the scenes to practice pronunciation and mimic the sound of the characters. The series has a distinct rhythm that contributes to its cheerful mood.

10. Bref. (In short)

  • Genre — Comedy
  • 82 Episodes in 2 Seasons
  • Years — 2011–2012
  • Language Difficulty — Advanced

These short videos showcase humorous moments in the life of France. It displays everyday experiences, customs, and slang. They are marked mainly for Parisians or individuals who have lived there.

The series has a presentation in a first-person narrative style. The central character (played by Kyan Khojandi) reflects various aspects of his life.

Each video lasts only a few minutes. Despite their short duration, the episodes bring complete and relatable stories.

For French Learners

For French learners, “Bref” is an excellent resource for practicing because of its short humor and contemporary language. It has familiar situations and talks. This makes it a valuable source for picking up typical words and expressions.

11. Scène de ménage (Household Scenes)

  • Genre — Comedy
  • 2769 Episodes in 15 Seasons
  • Years — 2009-
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

“Scènes de ménage” is a French television series that falls under the sitcom genre. The title translates to “Household Scenes” or “Domestic Disputes” in English.

This show is an adaptation of the original Spanish series Escenas de Matrimonio. Created by Alain Kappauf, the show has been airing since 2009.

This is known for its comical image of the everyday lives and relationships of three couples at different stages of life. 

For French Learners

This French television series involves characters that use plenty of humor, phrases, and colloquial language. This can boost your knowledge of informal French.

You can use French subtitles to aid comprehension and connect between spoken and written French.

12. Mafiosa (Mafia)

  • Genre — Crime, Drama
  • 41 Episodes in 5 Seasons
  • Years — 2006-2014
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate to Advanced

Mafiosa” is a drama exploring organized crime, power struggles, and family dynamics. It has a fictional depiction of the Corsican Mafia. 

Once the patriarch dies, his young niece takes over as the heir to the family business. The fascinating storytelling and complex characters will keep you busy throughout the episodes.

The show is set in Corsica, an island with a rich cultural and historical backdrop. The Corsican landscape and culture play an influential role in the series.

For French Learners

As a crime drama, “Mafiosa” introduces vocabulary related to organized crime, investigations, and power dynamics. You can learn many things about Corsican culture and the local variety of French. The language is complex and ideal for intermediate learners like B2 of DELF.

13. Les Mystérieuses Cités d’Or (The Mysterious Cities of Gold)

  • Genre — Animation, Adventure, Comedy
  • 39 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 1982-1983
  • Language Difficulty — Beginner to Intermediate
TV shows for learning French

The Mysterious Cities of Gold is a TV series that originated in France and Japan. It was first broadcast in 1982. This is an adaptation of the Franco-Belgian comic book written by Scott O’Dell.

The show became popular because of its adventure, mystery, and history themes. The series weaves a rich narrative, combining mythology, history, and science fiction. It has pieces of friendship and discovery.

For French Learners

The series introduces vocabulary related to historical settings, cultures, and exploration. You can focus on terms specific to the show’s historical context. You can use French subtitles to focus on comprehension.

14. H

  • Genre — Comedy
  • 71 Episodes in 4 Seasons
  • Years — 1988-2002
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

H is a French sitcom with seventy-one 22-minute episodes. The French TV series revolves around a group in a dysfunctional hospital. They face new challenges daily while trying to work out love, friendship, and work.

“H” is the series title. It symbolizes Humour, Histoire, and Hôpital (Humor, Story, and Hospital). If you are looking for a simple and funny long series, you can’t afford to miss “H.”

For French Learners

The characters define different ages, personalities, and backgrounds, adding varied comedic situations. It’s fun for learners to advance their language skills while enjoying comedic content. You will hear many unfamiliar words about health, hospital, and well-being.

15. Il était une fois… la vie (Once Upon a Time… Life)

  • Genre — Animation, Family
  • 26 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 1987–1988
  • Language Difficulty — Beginner to Intermediate

This French animated TV series is an educational program focusing on the human body and its functions. It is part of the “Il était une fois…” (Once Upon a Time…) series created by Albert Barillé.

The series probes into various aspects of human biology, like anatomy, physiology, and the interplay of different systems within the body. It also includes cultural and historical details to give a broader context.

For French Learners

This resource is valuable for learning about the human body in a fun and animated context. It can help those curious about science and biology. It can increase your understanding of scientific terms in French.

16. Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent)

  • Genre — Comedy, Drama
  • 24 Episodes in 4 Seasons
  • Years — 2015-2020
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

Call My Agent is a French television comedy-drama series that follows the difficulties of a talent agency in Paris. The writing, acting, direction, and production values are all superb.

The story is about a talented agent, Gabriel. He searches for a way to break bad news to actress Cécile de France. Then, a bizarre newcomer stirs up intrigue at the office.

For French Learners

It is a great way to learn French expressions and cultural references while enjoying humor. The show features real French celebrities, so you’ll get to know them too.

17. La Mante (The Mantis)

  • Genre — Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • 6 Episodes in 1 mini-Season
  • Years — 2017
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate and Advanced
Television shows to learn French

“La Mante” is a psychological thriller. It examines the mind of a serial killer and the complexities of the relationship between the killer and law enforcement.

The central character, Jeanne Deber, played by Carole Bouquet, is a notorious serial murderer known as “The Mantis.” She assists the police in solving a new series of murders.

For French Learners

It is a splendid way to learn vocabulary related to police investigations and crime. If you enjoy crime dramas and psychological thrillers, this series can be entertaining and beneficial for French learning.

18. Le Bureau des Légendes (The Bureau)

  • Genre — Drama, Thriller
  • 50 Episodes in 5 Seasons
  • Years — 2015-2020
  • Language Difficulty — Advanced

Le Bureau des Légendes is a spy thriller series that follows detectives’ lives. They work for a French intelligence agency and its daring undercover agents.

The TV show has received critical acclaim for its realistic picture of intelligence work, complex characters, and intricate plotlines.

The series is set in various international locations. Thus, it reflects the global nature of intelligence work.

For French Learners

It is a fantastic way to learn new terms linked to spying and diplomacy. 

You can discuss the series’s political, espionage, and character-driven themes to practice your thoughts in French.

This is perfect for advanced learners like DALF C1 or C2.

19. Versailles

  • Genre — Biography, Drama, History
  • 30 Episodes in 3 Seasons
  • Years — 2015-2018
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate and Advanced

For all the history buffs out there, this one’s dedicated to you. It’s set during the reign of Louis XIV when the French nobility disobeyed the monarchy.

Versailles is a historical drama series that explores the life of King Louis XIV and his court at the Palace of Versailles. This period TV show is gorgeous, with stunning settings, sets, and costumes.

For French Learners

It is a fantastic way to learn about French history and practice your listening skills. This is also available in English, but you can add French subtitles and still practice!

20. Marseille

  • Genre — Drama
  • 16 Episodes in 2 Seasons
  • Years — 2016-2018
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

Marseille is a French political drama series in the city of Marseille. The series digs into the political landscape of Marseille. It centers on the rivalry between a long-time mayor and his ambitious protégé.

Dan Franck created the series in Marseille. It circles the political and power struggles in local French politics. The show mixes aspects of crime, politics, and family drama.

For French Learners

For French learners, “Marseille” helps them immerse themselves in conversational French. This is mainly for the local dialect of Marseille.

Besides becoming familiar with regional accents and idioms, you can learn many words related to France’s politics and societies.

21. Les Témoins (Witnesses)

  • Genre — Crime, Mystery, Thriller
  • 14 Episodes in 2 Seasons
  • Years — 2014 and 2017
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate and Advanced
TV shows for French beginners

Les Témoins, or Witnesses, is another French-language crime series. The series takes place in a small town where strange murders occur. 

In season one, the police are trying to unravel the mystery behind six male corpses. They were exhumed and placed in show homes.

During season two, there is a bus with fifteen frozen male corpses. Then, also a young woman awakens inside a car with a complete memory wiped. What links these two things together?

For French Learners

The narrative of Les Témoins is intriguing and suspenseful, yet simple to understand enough to keep you engaged. You will learn many words about crime and police inquiries.

22. Au service de la France (A Very Secret Service)

  • Genre — Comedy
  • 24 Episodes in 2 Seasons
  • Years — 2015-2018
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

A Very Secret Service is a French comedy series that takes place in the 1960s. It follows a group of agents working for the French intelligence agency.

In this surreal comedy, a young trainee officer joins the French secret services during the Cold War in 1960s France. The series is well-written, with dry humor and outstanding actors.

For French Learners

“Au service de la France” offers a satirical path for French learners. It has a unique blend of comedy and spying. This is an amusing way to engage with the language while appreciating a comical take on historical events.

23. Les Invincibles (Invincible)

  • Genre — Comedy
  • 35 Episodes in 3 Seasons
  • Years — 2005-2009
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

Les Invincibles is a French comedy series that follows a group of friends in their thirties struggling to find their way into life. It encircles those who agree to end their relationships and embrace a carefree life together.

They make a contract that requires them to break up with their girlfriends simultaneously. The outcome of breaking the pact is a thousand-dollar payment to the three others.

For French Learners

“Les Invincibles” allows practicing French while enjoying a mix of comedy and drama. You also know a great deal about French customs and regular life.

24. Baron Noir (Black Baron)

  • Genre — Political Drama, Thriller
  • 25 Episodes in 3 Seasons
  • Years — 2016-2020
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

“Baron Noir” is a French political thriller TV series that first came in 2016. Eric Benzekri and Jean-Baptiste Delafon created the show.

The plot revolves around the life of Philippe Rickwaert, a fictional French politician. It underlines the complexness of French politics, comprising power struggles and personal grudges.

For French Learners

It offers a chance to learn politics and government wording while enjoying a gripping plot. If you want to question your elementary French, a must-see!

25. Le Chalet (The Chalet)

  • Genre — Drama, Thriller, Mystery
  • 6 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 2018
  • Language Difficulty — Advanced
TV shows for French intermediate

The Chalet is a six-episode French TV series created by Alexis Lecaye and directed by Camille Bordes-Resnais. Netflix distributed it globally between 2018 and 2022.

This is a French horror series in a remote mountain village where friends are trapped. The plot rotates between two separate timelines set twenty years apart.

For French Learners

It helps you study vocabulary related to the horror genre while also improving your listening skills.

You’ll learn to understand actual conversations and improve your Spanish listening skills. This show is perfect for intermediate-level learners like those at B2 of the DELF exam.

26. Les Grands (Grown Ups)

  • Genre — Comedy, Drama
  • 30 Episodes in 3 Seasons
  • Years — 2016-2019
  • Language Difficulty — Beginners and Intermediate

Les Grands is a French coming-of-age comedy series that follows a group of teenagers in high school. Vianney Lebasque and Joris Morio made this show. It covers teen challenges, relationships, and self-discovery.

While fictional, “Les Grands” touches on recent issues teenagers face, like peer pressure, family expectations, and the quest for self-identity.

For French Learners

For French learners, it allows us to practice French in a youthful and modern context. It includes commonly used words by teenagers. You will find many nonformal expressions and slang.

27. Missions

  • Genre — Science-Fiction, Drama
  • 25 Episodes in 3 Seasons
  • Years — 2017-2021
  • Language Difficulty — Beginners and Intermediate

Missions is a French science fiction television series. It tracks a group of astronauts on a mission to Mars. Set in the future, it depicts a mission to the planet Mars.

This show merges elements of science fiction, drama, and mystery. The storyline revolves around a human-crewed mission to Mars and the challenges faced by the crew as they make significant discoveries.

For French Learners

It lets you develop your space and science fiction vocabulary while engrossing in an exciting story. Even if you’re a beginner in A2 French language exams, the show is easy to follow, thanks to context and recaps.

28. Une chance de trop (No second chance)

  • Genre — Drama, Thriller
  • 6 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 2015
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

Une chance de trop (No Second Chance) is an impressive miniseries with six episodes. This French TV show is incredibly intense.

This is a story about a woman’s quest for revenge after her husband’s murder and her daughter’s abduction. Without police aid, she assumes responsibility for the investigation and actively tracks down the culprits.

With its exquisite direction, addictive story, and flawless acting, this is a must-watch that will keep you entertained and moved. Harlan Coben’s thriller novel serves as the inspiration for the show.

For French Learners

The French TV series is challenging and tests your French knowledge. You should take advantage of this if you are at advanced level French like B2 or C1 of TCF or TEF, DELF or DALF!

29. Lupin

  • Genre — Action, Crime, Drama
  • 17 Episodes in 3 Seasons
  • Years — 2021
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate
TV shows for French advanced

If you’re looking for a mesmerizing puzzle that’ll keep you hooked from beginning to finish, Lupin is the perfect choice. This French TV show is so tempting that it’ll make you wander through the streets of Paris.

Lupin is based on the classic French story of Arsène Lupin. It is the main thief created by Maurice Leblanc in the early 1900s.

The series offers a fresh take on his character. It does so by placing him in a contemporary setting. Here, Assane Diop, the son of a Senegalese immigrant, is inspired by Lupin and sets out to avenge his father. 

For French Learners

Watching Lupin is a great way to learn French! As someone learning a language, you’ll dive into the ongoing talks about social inequalities and race issues in France.

30. Le Bazar de la Charité (The Bonfire of Destiny)

  • Genre — Drama, History
  • 8 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 2021
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

Le Bazar de la Charité (The Bonfire of Destiny) is a French drama mini-series on Netflix. It will transport you to France from a distant land.

Le Bazar de la Charité is a mythical tale set in 1897 during an actual fire at a charity event for the Parisian aristocracy. It focuses on three women who survived the incident.

To protect their loved ones, Adrienne, Alice, and Rose are now ready to gamble it all.

For French Learners

Immerse yourself in the Belle Époque to learn French. Although soapy, this well-made drama will educate you on French history. It teaches you useful French vocabulary and sayings.

31. Nicolas Le Floch

  • Genre — Adventure, Crime, Drama
  • 12 Episodes in 6 Seasons
  • Years — 2008-2018
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate and Advanced

If they were in 18th-century France, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson would go by Nicolas Le Floch and Bourdeau. The show will keep you on edge with tons of adventure and drama.

Prepare yourself for a journey to the scandalous Paris of Louis XV. This is where murder and conspiracies against the crown are as frequent as bathing.

For French Learners

Beginners and intermediate learners of French will find “Nicolas Le Floch” difficult. Still, the show is worth seeing for its scandals and conspiracies.

32. On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup (Family Business)

  • Genre — Comedy, Crime
  • 12 Episodes in 6 Seasons
  • Years — 2008-2018
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate and Advanced

The show represents a French Jewish family’s journey of transforming their struggling kosher butcher shop into Paris’ first cannabis cafe.

Witnessing Netflix’s dedication to drawing characters from various cultures with authenticity and complexity is inspiring. This comedy strikes a perfect balance between humor and thought-provoking themes.

For French Learners

This series has a fun way to practice the language in a comedic and modern context. It has a mix of family dynamics, entrepreneurship, and humor. This is perfect for those interested in trendy French comedy.

33. Braqueurs (Ganglands)

  • Genre — Action, Crime, Drama
  • 12 Episodes in 2 Seasons
  • Years — 2021-2023
  • Language Difficulty — Advanced
TV series in French language

The “Ganglands” is incredibly gripping and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The show takes you into the dark and dangerous world of organized crime in France, mainly in the Parisian suburbs known for their grittiness.

The show spins around Sofiane, a young man who gets involved in the criminal world. It studies the complicated relationships between family and criminal alliances.

If you are a crime drama fan interested in the lesser-known side of Paris, watch it on Netflix.

For French Learners

Watching “Ganglands” in its original French audio can be a valuable learning experience. It teaches words related to crime, law enforcement, and the unlawful underworld.

34. Le tunnel (The Tunnel)

  • Genre — Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • 24 Episodes in 2 Seasons
  • Years — 2013-2018
  • Language Difficulty — Beginners and Intermediate

“The Tunnel” is a British and French adaptation of the Danish show “The Bridge.” The story of “The Tunnel” starts with the discovery of a French politician and a British woman’s bodies in the Channel Tunnel.

The show moves around French detective Elise Wassermann and British detective Karl Roebuk. They team up to track down a politically motivated serial killer.

For French Learners

“The Tunnel” offers an engaging storyline. The bilingual format attracts language students who are curious about crime dramas and cross-cultural communication.

Some words and phrases are tricky. Thus, the series is suitable for a higher level of French proficiency.

35. La Forêt (The Forest)

  • Genre — Crime, Drama
  • 6 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 2017
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

“The Forest” is a miniseries French crime thriller. It centers on the disappearance of a teenage girl named Jennifer in a forest.

The forest in the Ardennes has been shrouded in mystery for years. Over the years, other girls have also gone missing in the forest. As a result, the police started an investigation to find Jennifer alive.

As the inquiry unfolds, many secrets and riddles about the forest come to light. Some of them are enough to have their spin-off series. This is a classic drama thriller that has a human explanation for everything.

For French Learners

The show enables learners to practice French expressions. Thus, it is ideal for general language practice. The fast-paced back-and-forth talk, tricky words, and idioms demand intermediate levels like B1 of DELF.

36. Irma Vep

  • Genre — Comedy, Drama
  • 8 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 2022
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate

The series is an exceptional multi-lingual drama that stars Swedish actress Alicia Vikander in the lead role of Mira. This is about an American movie star who has become disappointed with her career and is reeling from a recent breakup.

Mira travels to France to take on the “Irma Vep” role in a remake of the classic French silent film Les Vampires. Mira struggles to maintain the distinction between herself and the character she plays, leading to a merging of their personalities.

I highly recommend this entertaining series, which can be streamed on HBO.

For French Learners

The French TV series for learners is famous for its rapid delivery of witty and comedic dialogue, with playful interactions between characters. You will learn and enjoy the TV series if you are at a lower or upper intermediate level.

37. Liaison

  • Genre — Drama, Suspense, Thriller
  • 6 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 2023
  • Language Difficulty — Intermediate and Advanced
TV shows for French learners

This thrilling mystery features French actors Eva Green and Vincent Cassel as star-crossed lovers given to take down a group of dangerous hackers.

As they work together to defeat the hackers, they must confront their shared past traumas. You can now stream this television show on Apple TV.

For French Learners

The characters speak standard French with informal language and jargon related to thrillers and tension. The TV series fits those of the upper intermediate and advanced levels.

38. 7 Jours sur la planète (7 Days on the Planet)

  • Genre — News
  • 6 Episodes in 1 Season
  • Years — 2023
  • Language Difficulty — Beginners

This is news about the world on the TV5 Monde channel. Here are many TV news reports about current events and the latest affairs in France.

Watching “7 jours sur la planète” or “7 Days on the Planet” can help us stay informed about the latest news trends while practicing French skills.

For French Learners

The program covers the week’s noteworthy events, especially in French-speaking nations. Check the TV5Monde website, which offers interactive video clips categorized according to the learner’s ability, from A2 to B2.

There are comprehension exercises, like fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice questions. These are included after each clip to check your listening mastery.

Final Words on Learn French with TV series

French TV series for learners

Learning French through TV series can be an engaging and enjoyable way to immerse oneself in the language.

Various genres are available, from drama and action to romance and animation. These can reveal you to diverse contexts, accents, and vocabulary.

You can use subtitles to reinforce your speaking and listening and improve your reading. You can also watch the shows multiple times and take notes to enrich your learning experience.

Yet, it is vital not solely to rely on TV series to learn the language. Include resources such as books, podcasts, apps, and language exchanges to create an all-around learning plan.

Achieving fluency requires more than just watching TV shows. You will need a time-tested learning approach to speak French effectively.

LanguageNext offers a variety of French classes in Noida. We also have online courses, as well as French courses for TEF and TCF. We cater to everyone’s needs, goals, and interests.

Do you have any favorite French TV show that you would like to recommend to fellow learners? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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