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Hi, I’m Vikash Gupta, an educator, a blogger, and a language enthusiast on a fascinating journey of linguistic exploration. Welcome to my website, “Joy of French.”

Are you new to the French language or interested in Francophone culture? You may already know a little or speak fluently. Or, anything related to French-speaking countries intrigues you beyond imagination!

Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced-level learner of French, or simply curious about everything related to France, Canada, and different French-speaking regions, Joy of French covers it all!

The blog offers exclusive and compelling content and resources that cannot be found elsewhere. If you are interested in the French language and Francophone culture, this is undoubtedly a blog worth checking out.

This blog, “Joy of French,” is about my passion for the French language. I share valuable tips, techniques, tools, and support that I’ve found helpful for education. I strongly believe studying French can be delightful and practical if you have the right mindset and approach.

“Vouloir, c’est pouvoir,”

Where there is a will, there is a way.

My journey of learning languages

As a native Hindi speaker with advanced proficiency in English, I also have higher proficiency in French and Spanish.

From an early age, my passion for languages ignited a deep interest that had never faded. I view language as a living entity, each with its unique story, melody, and rhythm.

As I explore the complexities of the language’s endless traits, I am awed by the artistry and complexity incorporated into every sentence. It isn’t just about decoding words; it’s about welcoming the context they appear from.

Learning different languages never really attracted me until I began studying French at Alliance Française de Delhi.

I became sincere about learning new languages, which has transformed my life. During my first job, I even learned Spanish and gained higher levels.

Over time, I’ve studied a few other languages, like German, Japanese, Italian, and Korean. Although I had a lot going on with personal stuff and work, I still found time for my interests and hobbies. Eventually, passion helps you keep going despite the difficulty and lack of time. 

I teach French and Spanish at two universities in India, provide corporate training, teach at Languagenext in Noida, and offer language career counseling. I have extensive experience creating and implementing lesson plans for various subjects using diverse educational methods and approaches.

You can also check my LinkedIn profile. In my blogs, I commonly write about various languages and their characteristics.

My experience with the French language

Over a decade back, I thought it would be fun to learn French, thanks to its melodic sound and cultural aspects. And even to advance my career horizon.

As an outcome, I learned some Français!

Since then, I have been stuck with this fascinating language. I joined a few institutes and took the help of books, audio and video lessons, apps, podcasts, and other learning materials to immerse myself in French.

That’s how I created the tagline for this website, “An astonishing world of French.”

My Blogging Experience

You might feel overwhelmed and confused when starting to learn a new language. Through blogging, I aim to provide a platform for diverse learning approaches, resources, and guidance to make the entire process enjoyable.

I have been working in this field for more than 15 years.

In 2017 and 2018, I launched two websites — studyfrenchspanish.com and languagenext.com. The intent was to support and inspire people to learn different foreign languages!

I started joyofkorean.com in 2021, and then joyofjapanese.com and joyofchinese.com in 2022. And ultimately, joyofspanish.com and joyoffrench.com in 2023.

As the company’s only owner with no investments, little revenue, or business partners, I am responsible for every part of my site. While not an easy task, my professional language career helped me support and take my websites to the next level.

Finally, with the traffic growth, various types of work, content, and technical intricacy, I decided to outsource some of my duties and responsibilities to qualified freelancers.


I started my blog with only a few hundred monthly visitors. But by 2023, it had grown to approximately 3 million page views.

Many renowned educational institutions and popular websites like Duolingo, Cervantes.es, Alliance Francaise, Femina, News24, iTalki, UND (University of North Dakota), University of Illinois, University of Delhi, LanguageIndia, Sejong Korean Institute – Inko Centre, Leeds Beckett University, Times Bridge, St. Joseph’s College, AC, Activate Learning, Interactio, Eurekly, etc. have mentioned or recommended my writings.

Many organizations have requested and invited my expertise in foreign languages through debates, interviews, and viewpoints.

Reasons for “Joy of French”

I learned most things through research, writing, and answering countless questions on other blogs. Here are some of my French articles on those blogs.

(i) Why learn French? (ii) Benefits of learning French (iii) Why Study French? (iv) TEF and TCF (v) DELF and DALF (vi) French Proficiency Tests (vii) French-speaking countries (viii) French Overview (ix) Francophone countries (x) French Dialects (xi) Movies to learn French (xii) TV Series for French learners (xiii) French Courses in Delhi (xiv) Learn French in Noida (xv) Career in French (xvi) French Proverbs (xvii) TEF courses in India (xviii) TEF Canada test

I’ve received many requests and suggestions from my readers to write about more French-related topics.

Sometimes, more information was required to answer specific questions thoroughly. A few lines of answers weren’t sufficient and didn’t deliver all the details. Unfortunately, I can’t write only French-related information since the priority of those blogs and visitors covers a wide range of languages.

So, I found a logical way to solve all these. The result of the “Joy of French.”

What is the goal of this blog?

Languages, to me, are more than just communication. They are windows into diverse cultures, modes of thinking, and the wonderfully diverse tapestry of human expression.

Yet, I know that the journey of a language fan can be tricky.

There are plateaus where advancement seems unattainable, and there are the triumphant heights of fluency where immersion feels like second nature. It’s a journey that requires persistence, patience, and an unappeasable hunger for growth.

As you persist on this exciting linguistic odyssey, you can look forward to each language you welcome, each cultural insight you acquire, and every connection you develop.

You can become a part of a more extensive global conversation. You can contribute your unique voice to the symphony of human expression.

I hope you find enjoyable, helpful, and pleasant information about the French language on this website. It’s developed to help you learn and enhance your understanding of the language, and you can keep coming back to discover more.

I’ll try to make French learning delightful by sharing news, stories, updates, and resources with you.

I usually begin something only if I feel really confident and enthusiastic about it. Believe me, when I say it will be a fantastic experience. I will try my best to make this happen. That’s why I delayed until now to start and pen this blog.

The objective of this blog is to demonstrate my linguistic journey until now.

I’m here to help you with your French purposes by sharing my knowledge and experience in a way that’s easy for you to comprehend. I hope it can help you accomplish success!

Get in touch, connect, and interact

I value receiving feedback from readers, whether it’s through messages, comments, or emails. It’s always a joy to speak with other French learners or those interested in this beautiful tongue.

I may only answer some of the messages, but I read all of them and do my best to reply as many as possible. If you want to contact me, fill out the form or email hello [at]joyoffrench.com.

I would love to hear your opinions, ideas, and experiences about French. Feel free to share any feedback with me without hesitation.

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Language, to me, is a lifelong adventure, a continuous search to unravel the world’s mysteries, one word at a time. I have decided to be an unwavering explorer, forever interested, intrigued, and in awe of the power of words.

It has undoubtedly improved my life, training me with knowledge and delight. It can do the same for you.

Remain driven, gear up, take in your surroundings, and start an incredible journey toward mastering the French language.

Best Wishes

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