25 Best Podcasts to Learn the French Language

For French learner, these 25 top podcasts will surely take language skills at next level.

If you just started learning French or have been doing so for a while, you might be interested in checking out these 25 podcasts that will grab your attention.

Do you struggle to grasp native French speakers because of their regional dialects and difficult accents? Maybe you’re looking for a fun and effective way to enhance your French language skills.

Apps and podcasts are exceptional for those interested in learning French. It can make studying more enjoyable and efficient. In short, podcasts can be a valuable aid for language learners.

People have been using pre-recorded audio to learn languages for quite some time. With the rise of smartphones, internet access, and modern technology, more language-learning tools are now available.

If you want to enhance your French-speaking skills, podcasts are an excellent option. They offer the comfort of being accessible from anywhere. This makes them ideal for always on the go.

Podcasts can assist in various ways, such as listening practice, grammar exercises, and cultural education. It also provides updates about French news and the French-speaking places.

Can a podcast really help you improve your French-speaking fluency? Which podcasts are the best for achieving this goal? Or do you want to know where to find resources to practice French?

If so, continue reading; this post will answer all your questions.

How do podcasts improve your French better?

French podcasts for beginners

Speaking French right away is a practical way to study it practically.

To become familiar with French, start by training your ears. Podcasts benefit language learners. It is an outstanding tool for interactive and delightful learning.

Children learn languages at primary levels by practicing their listening skills. They mimic that approach and have the same effect on your brain. It helps you improve the accuracy and authenticity of your pronunciation.

There can be many motivations to learn French. Whether professional, hobby, or personal, podcasts have something for everyone. It is a fruitful way to learn and practice on the go, at home, work, making it convenient.

Podcasts offer a variety of study materials like talks, stories, and explanations of grammar and vocabulary. You can interact with natives, answer questions, or repeat discussions to sweeten your listening and comprehension skills.

Many podcasts have additional learning resources. For example, online quizzes, flashcards, games, and interactive transcripts. These can enhance your learning experience.

Understanding native French speakers can be tricky because of varied French dialects and accents.

But many podcasts have a feature that allows you to slow down the audio and listen to it at a pace that suits you. This is helpful if you’re a learner and want to improve your understanding and pronunciation skills.

With this tool, you can listen for a few minutes. Then, repeat what you hear and learn at your own speed.

In short, it’s a splendid way to take your French to the next level!

Where can I find French podcasts?

Learning French is very popular among young people for many reasons!

One of the most exciting things about it is that hundreds of podcasts can help you learn. Some of these podcasts are free, while others require you to pay for a premium membership. 

With a paid membership, you can access exclusive ad-free content with much better sound quality.

Many great free French podcasts are still available on famous platforms like Amazon Music, Apple, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify. 

Besides, you can find great French podcasts on many other leading platforms.

These include FrenchPod101, Coffee Break French, Daily French Pod, Little Talk in Slow French, Duolingo, French Voices Podcast, and many more.

These websites and apps regularly update their podcasts with new content. So, there’s always something new to learn!

25 Best Podcasts for Learning French

Choosing the right podcast and level to listen to is the next crucial step in your journey to learn French. Selecting a podcast that aligns with your French language proficiency level is best.

Broadcasters usually cover various topics to cater to diverse audiences, so some overlap may exist.

If you’re fluent in French, you can opt for a humorous podcast with local or cultural accents while also being complex. But if you’re still learning, picking something easier is a must.

It’s vital to listen to relevant information often to stay informed. You can even read while listening and take notes for future reference. Listening to enjoyable content can also help you improve your French language skills.

When you hear native speakers’ content, you will progress on your fluency trip. You can even subscribe to a podcast or request transcripts to make your learning method more manageable.

There are many exceptional podcasts out there that we’ll be looking into. Apart from the language, they also introduce different aspects of Francophone countries.

Exploring cultural aspects is an efficient method to grasp the language.

Many podcasts are available to help you learn French, catering to different proficiency levels and interests.

Check out these 25 podcasts that cater to varying levels of study. This comprises every learner — beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Let’s get going!

Podcasts for learning French

1. Coffee Break French

This podcast offers structured French language lessons suitable for beginners and advanced learners. Each episode covers various language topics, grammar explanations, and vocabulary-building exercises.

Plus, it’s more relaxed and engaging than being in the classroom in person. The lessons are beginner-friendly, last 10-15 minutes, and are easy to follow.

2. One Minute French

These bite-sized lessons are packed with valuable information for those learning French. These cover the most essential aspects of your survival in a French environment.

It’s incredible how much you can learn with minimal materials. Despite the name One Minute French, each French-language podcast lasts two to four minutes.

3. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 provides audio lessons covering various topics. It includes basic words and grammar to cultural insights and real-life conversations. Lessons are categorized by difficulty level.

The lessons have a variety of language-learning resources. These include dialogues and information about traveling and living in the country.

The hosts of FrenchPod101 are a native French teacher and a bilingual English speaker fluent in French.

4. Learn French by Podcast

This podcast offers audio lessons explaining grammar points, vocabulary, and practical phrases. Each episode includes a dialogue, a detailed analysis, and practice exercises.

The episodes cover common scenarios like discussing a soccer game, introducing yourself, and purchasing travel tickets. This podcast is divided into distinct sections to maximize benefit for the listener. 

5. One Thing in a French Day

Hosted by Laetitia, a native French speaker, this podcast offers short daily episodes sharing stories and observations from everyday life in France.

Every brief podcast focuses on a unique daily event. For instance, eating a baguette, visiting a hair salon, taking a nighttime stroll, and shopping at a store. 

It’s an ideal way to immerse yourself in authentic French conversation. This French learning podcast is beneficial if you take DELF B1 or B2.

6. News in Slow French

This podcast presents news stories and current events in slow, easy-to-understand French.

The pronunciation is precise. It enables the listener to hear each word clearly. The French expressed in the podcast is slow-paced, which encourages quicker learning.

The podcast is structured into several segments. E.g., various narratives, conversations between the hosts, grammar points, and commonly used idiomatic expressions.

It’s suitable for intermediate to advanced learners who want to improve their listening comprehension while staying informed.

Podcasts for French learners

7. French Your Way Podcast

The “French Your Way Podcast” is hosted by Jessica, a passionate French teacher and language enthusiast.

Podcast episodes cover French language aspects like verb conjugations, pronunciation tips, common mistakes, and idiomatic expressions. Jessica’s style makes the podcast enjoyable and informative for all learners.

This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the French Your Way website. This suits studying French while commuting, working out, or relaxing at home.

This fits everyone, whether a beginner is looking to build a firm foundation or an advanced learner. It aims to refine your abilities and offers valuable insights and resources to support your language-learning journey.

8. InnerFrench

InnerFrench is hosted by Hugo. He is a native French speaker who discusses interesting topics in French, like culture, society, and personal development.

The host, Hugo, speaks clearly and moderately quickly to understand challenging topics easily. 

Sign up for a free account to access the transcripts. Check their YouTube channel and consider enrolling in their French courses to learn more.

The podcast is aimed at intermediate to advanced learners. If you intend to take B2 of DELF, TEF or TCF Canada, this suits you.

9. French Voices Podcast

French Voices features interviews with native French speakers from various backgrounds. It exposes me to different accents and vocabulary.

Each episode includes a transcript and translation to aid comprehension. The audio is totally in French, but it offers a vocabulary list and a summary in English for every episode. 

These podcasts offer diverse content and approaches to learning French. So you can choose the ones that best suit your goals and learning style.

10. Cultivate Your French

The same creator makes both audio tracks. They are based on the One thing in a French Day episode released on the same day. The other podcast comes out three times a week, while this one comes out once weekly.

In this podcast, Laetitia introduces the topic in English and then switches to French. This allows you to settle into the episode.

This podcast is ideal for elementary-level learners. You can practice hearing about slowing French in bite-sized episodes.

11. Daily French Pod

Louis hosts this podcast and focuses on short news stories. Louis covers diverse topics. It includes current events, science news, and a few dialogues.

The spoken French is at an average speed. Each episode lasts about three minutes. Although Louis speaks clearly, these French podcasts are unsuitable for beginners.

12. LanguaTalk Slow French 

The episodes are not as slow as the title suggests. The host, Gaëlle, speaks clearly for intermediate listeners and above.

Gaëlle explains expressions and vocabulary in English and sometimes does interviews in French. The topics cover French culture and language learning.

Each episode includes a transcript, a vocabulary list, and learning tips. You can learn more about France and French culture through clearly spoken French.

Podcasts to help you learn French

13. Géopolitique

Géopolitique (Geopolitics) is a podcast by France Inter. This is a part of the Radio France network. It provides short international news episodes, each lasting a maximum of four minutes. 

The website summarizes each episode and additional resources, such as maps and references. The great thing is that an available transcript lets you easily follow everything.

14. Grand reportage

Grand Reportage, a program by Radio France International, highlights the variety of lived experiences amid political conflict and environmental issues. 

Each day, an episode is uploaded along with a written article. You can enjoy the best of both worlds by reading and listening to the story.

15. Sur les épaules de Darwin

“On Darwin’s Shoulders” (Sur les épaules de Darwin) is a show hosted by Jean-Claude Ameisen. Each episode of the show features the wonders of the natural and human world.

It is an intersection between science and art, and Ameisen’s narration is poetic and profound. The site has a summary of each episode and a list of sources to explore further if you want to delve deeper into the topic.

16. Parlez Away

“Parlez Away” is a podcast designed to help learners improve their French language skills.

This is hosted by Léon and Flo, two language lovers passionate about teaching French. It offers a fun and engaging approach to language learning.

This focuses on natural talks in French, covering many relevant topics. The hosts offer practical language tips, grammar, and word explanations to help listeners understand and improve their French.

This podcast also provides insights into French culture, traditions, and customs. It helps learners better understand the language and its context.

You hear authentic accents and different French dialects and practice your listening comprehension skills.

17. French Blabla

The “French Blabla” podcast is a resource to help French learners improve their language skills.

Hosted by Jessica, a language teacher passionate about French, the podcast offers an all-around approach to learning the language.

Each podcast episode is structured around a specific topic or theme, such as grammar points, word expansion, cultural insights, or daily dialogues. This enables learners to focus on interests or areas needing improvement.

You can access various podcast platforms like Apple, Spotify, and Google. They release episodes regularly. It allows learners to follow at their own pace and engage with new content.

18. French En Route

“French En Route” is a podcast designed to help learners improve their French talents while on the go.

The podcast is hosted by Elise and Alexis, two French teachers, and offers various engaging and informative episodes tailored to different proficiency levels.

Each episode covers a specific topic. E.g., grammar points, vocabulary expansion, pronunciation practice, or cultural insights. Elise and Alexis deliver logical explanations and engaging examples to help listeners understand.

This podcast includes authentic French dialogue and talks to expose learners to natural language usage. This technique helps improve listening skills and prepares learners for real-life interactions with native speakers.

Podcasts to improve your French

19. Animalia

Spotify has been investing heavily in podcasts, not only in English but also in other languages. If you browse French Spotify Originals, you can find podcasts on any topic you like, ranging from world history to true crime.

Although Animalia is technically aimed at French children, it can also be a valuable resource for learners.

In every episode, host Cyril Dion discusses a different endangered species, sharing exciting facts and the harsh reality of extinction.

Despite such a serious topic, the show is entertaining — the host even “interviews” the animals.

20. Learn French with Alexa

Learn French with Alexa has been a website and podcast for quite some time. But, in early 2022, the podcast underwent a significant overhaul.

This podcast now focuses more on French culture rather than language learning and listening. These new episodes take a thorough analysis of one French word or expression.

Unlike the previous podcasts, these episodes are now offered for free. Lesson guides that include vocabulary and critical information are also free on Alexa’s website.

21. Français Authentique

The “Français Authentique” podcast was created and hosted by Johan Tekfak. It is a popular resource for French language learners seeking to improve mastery through genuine and practical content.

The primary focus is on awareness rather than grammar drills or vocabulary memorization. By adding real-life French talks, the podcast aims to improve their skill to understand and engage with native speakers.

Whether a beginner or an advanced learner, “Français Authentique” helps you achieve greater fluency and confidence in French communication.

22. French with Jeanne

Jeanne is a French teacher who produces podcasts that differ from others. Instead of sticking to a traditional teaching style, she talks like a blogger or a friend posting on social media (without using slang).

She focuses on her personal life, experiences, and opinions. What makes her podcast unique is listening to her talk about her life and interests. You learn new terms and gain insights into French culture and current events.

If you’re looking for something unique, Jeanne’s podcast might be just what you need!

23. Little Talk in Slow French

Actress and musician Nagisa Morimoto hosts a podcast called “Slow French,” covering various topics. Her speaking pace is not that slow but pleasant and easy to follow.

She speaks clearly, often repeats phrases, checks if listeners understand, and defines words in English. This makes it an excellent podcast for intermediate and advanced learners.

The podcast is mostly about French language, culture, and learning. Morimoto also shares personal stories.

Overall, “Slow French” is a fantastic resource for those looking to improve their French skills and learn more about French culture.

24. The Duolingo French podcast

The Duolingo French Podcast is an audio series and a popular language-learning platform produced by Duolingo. You can read more about it on Duolingo Review.

The podcast features real-life stories in French, told by native speakers, with accompanying transcripts and translations available on the Duolingo website.

The podcast features diverse stories from different regions and cultures where French is spoken. It offers listeners insights into the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Francophone world.

This is an engaging and effective way for learners to improve their French skills while enjoying tempting stories. Duolingo focuses on real-life narratives, and resources give a valuable supplement to conventional language learning methods.

25. Journal en français facile

The “Journal en français facile” is a radio channel produced by Radio France Internationale (RFI). It is beneficial to enhance your listening skills.

The newscast includes actual French speakers who speak regularly and use up-to-date vocabulary, albeit slightly simplified.

Some advanced speakers may need help to keep up despite the podcast’s name suggesting otherwise. Luckily, you can access a free transcript of each episode by clicking on the podcast’s title.

Final Words on Podcasts to Learn French

French language learning podcasts

Podcasts offer an excellent opportunity to practice, study, and improve French language skills. By exploring language and culture, it can be both entertaining and authentic.

The more you expose yourself to French, the better your understanding will be, and your language learning will be faster than ever.

Regularly listen to the top 25-rated French language learning podcasts to take your fluency to the next level.

Start learning today with quality French education apps and podcast sites. There are various podcast platforms available that can help you learn a language, and most of them are free to subscribe to.

Study this beautiful language regularly and have fun improving your French skills!

If you think I missed mentioning the top French-learning podcast, please share your favorite one in the comments section. You can also ask any questions you have.

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